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Fountain Pen Instructions

5 Easy Steps to Using Your New Favorite Pen

Ink Cartridges (Sold Separately)
1. First unscrew the body from the nib.
2. Next, remove the ink refill converter, and store.
3. Snap cartridge into the nib on the pen (press firmly)

Filling Your Pen Using The Converter
1. Unscrew the body of the pen from the nib

2. Submerge the entire nib of the pen into your ink bottle (see picture 3)
3. Rotate the handle of the converter counter clock-wise until the plunger reaches the bottom of the ink well.
4. Slowly rotate the handle clockwise, until the plunger has reached the top of the ink well. Repeat this action to remove remaining air from the chamber
5. Using a paper towel or cloth, wipe the excess ink from the nib.

Getting Ink to Start Flowing
1. DO NOT thrust the nib of the pen onto your writing surface to make ink flow!! This will damage the nib of the pen and ink flow will become erratic.
2.  Hold the back of the pen above paper, and gently whip the pen until ink begins to extrude from the nib.
3. Start drawing loops on a piece of paper, if ink is not flowing or stops flowing after a short period, repeat until ink flow is consistent.

Writing with Your Pen
1. Make sure the metal part of the nib is facing up at all times and the black plastic is facing down at the paper.
2. Posting the cap on the back of the pen will change the weight and balance of the pen. This is a preference of some users, try it out!
2. If you are experiencing ink flow problems, repeat ink flow procedures. If problems persist, contact us at

1. After use, simply place the cap on the pen and store in a safe place
2. Avoid storing pen in areas exposed to intense heat or cold - between 20 - 90 degrees Fahrenheit is Ideal.

Fixing a Dried Out Fountain Pen
If you do not use your fountain pen for more than a week, the ink the nib may dry, and constrict. 
1. To fix this, fill a cup with warm water
2. Dip the pen into the water so that the nib is fully submerged.
3. Swirl the pen around, you should see ink flowing into the glass.
4. Remove the pen and wipe off any remaining water.
5. Shake the pen over paper so that the ink is being forced toward the nib.
6. Start writing and repeating step 5 until ink beings to flow again.

If you are still experiencing trouble, or your pen is not everything you hoped it would be, Please contact me the owner Directly at
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Instructional Videos

Filling A fountain Pen With Ink

Writing With a Fountain Pen

Mastering Your Pen

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