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Our Mission

At Scribe Sword our passion is writing and the experience of delivering an amazing pen to paper. For us, this experience starts with a quality pen and is set apart by something that looks and feels special. We believe quality and design are everything in life, not just in writing

Quality is the first thing you must have in a fountain pen, without it everything else is obsolete. We have worked tirelessly scouring the globe for the highest possible quality pens and cases to deliver to our customers. We maintain this quality by implementing rigorous quality control at every step of the manufacturing and production process. It is this constant and rigorous control of the process that allows us to offer a lifetime quality and satisfaction guarantee on every product that we sell.

The style fountain pens deliver is something unique, by combining antique styles with sleek modern design these pens deliver an incomparable writing experience. Tastefully designed, high quality metal make these pens works of art all in themselves. We would be remiss if we did not mention the gift cases included with this product. The cases are a major part of the product we deliver and a huge part of what sets us apart from our competition. Pressed P.U. leather and hand stitched seams really bring the whole experience together in a tasteful way to store and display your pen for everyone to admire. You will be amazed how often your friends will ask to take a look at your new pen.

Of course none of this would be enough for us without a tremendous and memorable after sales experience. Our customer service department has over 50 years of working closely with people to deliver complete satisfaction and make sure that every interaction with our company is a professional and memorable one. We aim to leave a lasting impression on the people we do business with and we sincerely hope to achieve this goal with you. 

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